Monday, May 16, 2011

Oklahoma City...i think we love you

Well, we have lived in 3 different states in the past year, but we are finally home! Oklahoma City is so much grander then we ever could have imagined!! Pictures don't do it justice (well Ashley's pictures could do it GREAT justice;). I want all of you to come visit our, as the locals call it, "well kept secret".
It's just beautiful here. At times I feel like I could just jump and touch the big blue sky. The clouds are so huge and fluffy that they look fake.We have a family of birds that hang out and eat all our birdseed and Salley's food. We even have wild bunnies hanging out in our yard and Salley goes crazy b/c she knows that they are out there. Our house is coming along. It takes a while to get everything in its place. After moving so many times, it makes it hard to finally "move-in" and settle down.

The children love it here and have made many friends. Josh is getting so much better at his trumpet and he even played in his schools talent show!! He is earning more and more merit badges and is joining the Cooking Club at the youth center. He has already gone on a campout with his troop and done many other activities with them. We go on the family campout in June. And he goes to boyscout camp too & he is soooo excited! They built a basketball court right behind our house & he is in heaven! Josh plans to make Eagle Scout faster than anyone ever has :) We are proud!!

Marlee...well, she's Marlee :) She managed to brake another bone, but it doesn't stop her. She joined Fine Arts Club at the youth center and is perfoming tonight in her schools talent show. She is taking after her "Aunt M.E. " (marybeth) and busting out the hip hop moves.She will be dancing to "Oohh Ahhh" by Grits (Christian Rap :) The cast came off on Friday, but she is wearing a black brace thing to help with the transition. Praying the child doesn't brake anymore bones!! She is getting so much better at her art and she is ALWAYS drawing or painting or making me something. Marlee is my little mini-me! We are proud of her too!!

They are both doing great in school..all A's & B's and they are adjusting better then we could have ever thought. School gets out in just 2 more days for them & they are READY for the summer. Cooking camp with a professional chef, swimming, camp outs, South Carolina...they can't wait to see family & friends!

As for Darb & me, well we are just enjoying our life with our children. We went to a performance Saturday night, Music From Two Shores, at the Civics Center Music Hall in Downtown Oklahoma City. We felt like "Country come to Town" hehehe

Anyway, we love all of you & we thank you all for prayers and support through this new journey in our lives!

Love, Kristin

Sunday, September 12, 2010

kind kiley....radiant kiley..."you name it" kiley;)

Kiley, Kiley.....what a beauty...what a sweetheart! As the song goes "your skin is like porcelain" and yes, her skin is just that!! I was, and still am, honored to work with Kiley and her family and friends. Not only did I do Kiley & one of her sisters make-up, I also assisted in photographing with the SUPER AWESOME ASHLEY BROKOP !
There were many moments that I teared up (ok..cried) during this special day. I felt so connected to this family. This was a "bitter-sweet" day (as Kiley's father said). Not even a year before Kiley's wedding, she had suddenly lost her mother. For this very reason, I felt so connected with them b/c I too lost my father suddenly. These moments in life can make us or break us....Kiley, I know your mother is so proud of the beautiful (inside & out) woman that you are (and your sisters)!! Keep on smiling brighten peoples day:)
PLEASE go look at the rest of the brilliant photos from Kiley's wedding day by Mrs. Ashley Brokop. You don't want to miss out on these photographs!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lovely "Mrs." Hilary

I couldn't agree more with Ashley .....
Hilary is one of the sweetest people I have ever met!!!
I have loved every minute of working with Hilary.
I miss her radiance & kindness. I so need to go visit
me some Hilary:)
For more of her STUNNING photos by Ashley Brokop,
go here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Timeless Beauty!

Jenn, you rocked the birdcage veil!! I love it on you........

go check out more of Jenn's bridal pics here.
Photographs by none other...ASHLEY BROKOP

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I just love all of the awesome brides & their "better halves"
that I have been working with lately.
Hilary & Craig are too cute for words...
Craig was such a good boy during his makeover..hahaha j/k!!!!
I can't wait for everyone to see Hilary's bridal portraits,
but you know we have to wait till after their wedding day.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rebecca's FABULOUS Wedding Day!!

Go here to check out wedding day photos by Ashley Brokop.
You must go look!!!!!!!!!! I just love everything she did. From the the shoes...and the "do do doos". (You will see what I am talking about when you go look;)

~beautiful becca~

Rebecca came to Charleston from good ol' Texas to have the wedding of her dreams & it was breath taking to say the least!! What a fun & sassy lady she is and I am so glad that I got to know her. I hope that our paths cross again someday:)
These are some of Rebecca's photos by Ashley Brokop.
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