Sunday, September 12, 2010

kind kiley....radiant kiley..."you name it" kiley;)

Kiley, Kiley.....what a beauty...what a sweetheart! As the song goes "your skin is like porcelain" and yes, her skin is just that!! I was, and still am, honored to work with Kiley and her family and friends. Not only did I do Kiley & one of her sisters make-up, I also assisted in photographing with the SUPER AWESOME ASHLEY BROKOP !
There were many moments that I teared up (ok..cried) during this special day. I felt so connected to this family. This was a "bitter-sweet" day (as Kiley's father said). Not even a year before Kiley's wedding, she had suddenly lost her mother. For this very reason, I felt so connected with them b/c I too lost my father suddenly. These moments in life can make us or break us....Kiley, I know your mother is so proud of the beautiful (inside & out) woman that you are (and your sisters)!! Keep on smiling brighten peoples day:)
PLEASE go look at the rest of the brilliant photos from Kiley's wedding day by Mrs. Ashley Brokop. You don't want to miss out on these photographs!!!

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  1. Kristin, what can I say... It was such a pleasure having you at our wedding and sharing the day with us. Not only are you a FABULOUS make-up artist, but truly a wonderful person with so much spirit and life!! I too felt a strong connection with you, and I know that your father is so very proud of you as well. Ok, now I'm tearing up!! :) Thank you for everything girl!!!